Things To Think About Before You Switch Haircuts

If your current haircut is leaving you less than inspired when you stand in front of the bathroom mirror in the morning, it might be time to visit your barber or hair stylist and ask for a new cut. Switching haircuts involves more than just grabbing a magazine, finding a picture that you like and then asking your hair professional to recreate the cut on you. Remember, what looks good on someone else might not necessarily suit you due to factors such as face shape and the nature of your hair. While your hair professional can suggest cuts that would suit you, here are some things for you to think about before you attempt to switch styles.

Morning Preparation Time

You might be enamored with a certain look, but not realize that it takes a significant amount of time to prepare each morning. This is fine if you enjoy grooming and have a surplus of time, but if you're constantly in a rush and have no more than a few minutes to style your hair, you'll need a cut that suits this lifestyle. Give an honest assessment of your available time in the morning -- and don't try to tell yourself that you'll start getting up earlier or making more time, as you might end up resenting your new haircut.

Your Face Shape

While there are a number of different face-shape categories to which you might belong, people tend to have a round, oval or square face. Take a careful look in the mirror and evaluate which shape group you belong to; it's also worthwhile to ask your friends or spouse for their assessments. Once you've identified your shape, you can look for people in magazines who have the same shape -- and whose haircut you like. It can often be effective for your hair style and length to contrast your face shape. For example, if your face is round, hair that's on the longer side adds length to your face and can make it seem less round.

Desired Hair Care Products

It's also a good idea to think about which types of hair care products you enjoy using, and then compare these to the images you're seeing. For men, do you enjoy the feeling of a significant amount of product in your hair? For women, do you prefer straightening your hair or enjoy its natural curls? You need to be sure that the potential styles that you pick out of a magazine are in alignment with the products you enjoy using in the morning.

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