Creating A Salon For Easy Disabled Access

Women and men of all shapes, sizes, and abilities love looking good. When it comes to getting your hair done, going to the salon is often an easy method of getting pampered and looking good. As a salon, it is beneficial to be able to create an environment where everyone can come in for services. Here are some ways to set up your salon so people of all abilities can utilize your salon services

Install removable chair systems

If people who use wheelchairs or mobile systems come into your salon, they will need to be able to get to shampoo bowls, blow dryers, and stylists' booths without needing to switch from the mobile system to the seats. For this reason, your salon should offer seating that can easily be removed. Instead of installing chairs that are bolted to the ground, set up comfortable seating that can be removed from in front of any of the appliances to make sure anyone can use them. 

Wider than average styling chairs

All customers should feel comfortable and pampered when they are sitting in styling seats. This cannot happen if the seat is too small and uncomfortable. Install padded chairs for stylist booths that are twice the size of average stylist chairs. This means that people of size won't be embarrassed or uncomfortable inside of chairs. This also allows parents of children who need to be cared for during servicing to be able to sit the child and their items along side of them. 

Rolling, retractable hairdryers

It is tempting for styling salons to purchase hair dryers that are built into chairs, but for people of different heights, this can present an issue. These types of seats can be highly uncomfortable for children and little people as they will have to sit on objects to reach the hair dryer. Instead, utilize rolling retractable hair dryers. These can be sat in front of comfortable chairs and will adjust for any height. This means that everyone of every height can sit in a regular chair and receive the same services, without needing a booster seat. 

Dividers for social anxiety

Individuals who have social anxiety or get panic attacks in crowded environments may dislike having to be styled with everyone possibly watching them. Though completely separate rooms may not be possible in some places due to fire codes or layouts, putting up dividers to make each styling booth semi-separate can go a long way towards aiding people with social anxiety. Installing a little privacy can decrease the panic feel and provide a little personal comfort.