(Not Just) Splitting Hairs: What You Can Do To Fix Lifeless, Lackluster Hair

Your hair is one of the first things that people notice about you, so when you're displeased with the way it looks, it can have a big impact on both your mood and how confident you are when you present yourself. But what can you do about your lackluster hair short of radical solutions such as chopping it all off and starting over? When you're feeling this way, don't reach for the scissors or dial your stylist just yet; if you're looking for a few tips and tricks for giving your hair life again, then here's what you need to know.

Go Sulfate-Free

Sulfates – found in the ingredient list of nearly every cheap shampoo (and, surprisingly, a few expensive shampoos) known to man – are a big cause of dull, lifeless-looking hair. Sulfates provide a lot of suds, making you feel like you're getting your hair as clean as can be, but it actually dries out your hair, creates more split ends, and can irritate your scalp. Sulfates are especially bad for those with curly hair or a dry scalp, as they strip natural oils from your hair and make a dry scalp even drier. To boost your hair's health, look for hair products that market themselves as "sulfate-free."

Wash Every Other Day

As it turns out, showering every day doesn't keep your hair extra clean; it actually dries it out, creating a dull appearance, and contributes to your split ends. The best way to keep your hair clean and manageable without over-washing it is to shampoo and condition it every other day, rather than every day. If you feel like your hair gets oily too quickly to last that long, consider investing in (or making your own) dry shampoo, which sucks up the oil and leaves your hair looking fresh and ready for the day.

Apply Conditioner Correctly

Most everyone uses conditioner, but few use it to the maximum benefit of their hair. Too little conditioner won't give you smooth and shiny hair, while too much can make your hair looks like a flat mess. Use about a quarter-sized dollop (a bit more if you have long or lots of hair) and work it through your hair, avoiding your scalp. Conditioning your scalp does nothing except contribute to build-up, and leaves less conditioner for the parts of your hair that really need it. Let the conditioner sit for a minute or two – not five or ten – and rinse thoroughly. 

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