Behind The Times With Hair Trends? Here's A Quick Guide

If you've been stuck in a rut in terms of your hairstyle, you might want to consider changing things up. Instead of asking for a basic trim the next time you visit your hair salon, you can speak with your stylist about new cuts and color techniques that might be a good fit for you.

Here's an overview of recent trends:


If you're looking for a touch of color, consider ombré. With this type of highlighting, your hair can go from darker on top to lighter towards the ends of your hair. It can be subtle if you just want your tips a few shades lighter, or it can be more dramatic if you opt for a bigger contrast in colors. Those who really want to attract attention have gone for blue, purple, and pink hues.


Unlike ombré, in which all of the hair at the bottom is colored, the balayage technique leaves some strands of hair untouched. The word "balayage" means "to sweep" in French, and color is actually swept into the hair. The color can begin at your root but is more generously applied toward the ends of your hair. Because there are some darker colors mixed in with lighter colors, it gives the appearance of having natural, sun-kissed hair.


You're probably familiar with highlights, which is when whole strands of your hair are dyed (as opposed to just the bottom of the strands). Babylights are a type of highlight that involve dying very small strands of hair. This more precise technique makes it so that those strands can better blend in with your base color, and it gets its name because that's the look that's often seen in children. 

​Using Texture

While you could go sleek and straight to keep things simple, you could also ask your hairdresser for ways in which you can incorporate texture into your hair. Cuts that are choppy, layered, and involve the use of angles around your face can help you get a more interesting look.

You can also use thickening shampoos and sprays in combination with a curling iron to pump up the volume of your hair and get some of your curls to stay. 

Whatever type of style you go for, make sure you discuss maintenance with your hairdresser, such as one from Mia Bella Salon. You don't want to get a look that you'll have trouble keeping up with, especially if you're trying out something new after years of staying squarely in your comfort zone. Also, be sure to book a follow-up appointment, as getting your hair cut every six to eight weeks can keep your hair healthy and strong.