5 Ways You Can Attract New Customers With Your Salon Capes

The salon capes you choose and provide to your customers when they come in for hair styling can help you attract and retain new customers.

If you put a little extra effort and thought into your salon cape selection, you can build up a reputation in your area for catering to customer comfort. This will help you attract new customers over time.

The following are five ideas on how you can make your salon more attractive to new customers with your salon cape selection:

Offer some variety

Most salons only offer all black, one-size-fits-all capes. If you offer a bit more variety in terms of size and design, customers might find the experience of getting their hair styled at your salon more enjoyable.

Try to offer at least a few different sizes. Also, shop around for capes that offer some color and design variety so that your customers can enjoy some choices when they come in for a cut. 

Look for the most comfortable capes available

Ideally, you should try the capes you use on yourself and see how they feel. Some capes are uncomfortable at the neck when they are snapped closed. 

In addition to trying capes yourself, ask current customers for input on what they think of your salon capes. If they tell you there are some comfort issues, look around for salon capes online that have review attesting to the comfort they offer.  

Keep capes well maintained

Salon capes will wear out over time. Make sure you're regularly replacing them to give your salon a polished, professional look.

Also, make sure you're washing capes regularly so that they always appear clean when customers put them on in preparation for hair styling. 

Allow your current customers some input regarding cape selection

You might want to bring out the catalogue, such as from Towels by the dozen, for your most loyal clients and ask them what they think.

Giving customers some input in cape selection can boost their enthusiasm for your salon and leave them eager to tell others how customer-friendly your salon is. This could turn out to be highly effective word-of-mouth advertising for your salon.  

Stock up

One of the most important things about salon cape selection is quantity. You need to have as many capes as you have chairs to make sure you don't have to leave any chairs vacant due to a supply shortage. 

It's best to have at least twice as many capes as you have chairs so that you can remain adequately supplied even when you are having some capes washed.