Hair Becoming Thinner As You Age? Why It Happens And 2 Ways To Make It Look Fuller

While sudden, dramatic hair loss could signal a health problem that your doctor can help you treat, hair that gradually become thinner over the course of many years is typically not a cause for alarm. Unfortunately, it caused by the aging process, and no one is immune to the effects of an aging body. While strands of hair typically continue to grow for two to seven years before they fall out, the life cycle of your hair strands becomes shorter as you age. The strands themselves also become thinner, and some follicles even become dormant and stop replacing strands that fall out. Fortunately, your hair stylist can help you make your newly fine hair look full again when you follow these two tips. 

1. Request a New Hairstyle That Suits Your Fine Strands Better

If you haven't changed your hairstyle in many years, then you may still be wearing a style that looked amazing when your hair was fuller, but now, isn't doing justice to your newly fine strands. There is no one single hairstyle that is best for everyone with fine hair, because your face shape also needs to be taken into account when choosing it, but there are a few style guidelines that everyone with fine hair should follow:

  1. Keep layers long or eliminate them altogether. Fine hair typically looks its fullest with blunt-cut hairstyles. While a few layers around the face can be flattering for some face shapes, just make sure your stylist keeps the bulk of your cut in the back relatively blunt. 
  2. Skip bangs or go for long, side-swept fringe. While a blunt cut in back is best, blunt-cut bangs should be avoided. Consider skipping bangs altogether, because the hair that is pulled from your main mane to the front of you face to create bangs could add that much-needed boost of fullness to the back of your hair that it needs. However, if you love how bangs draw attention to your eyes or how they visually shorten your longer face, then side-swept bangs are a better option. 

2. Consider Having Your Hair Colored Even if You Aren't Yet Getting Grays

If you have never colored your hair, then you may to hold off on trying hair color until you begin getting your first grays. However, having your hair colored with a deposit-only hair color doesn't just make your hair look fuller, it actually makes each strand about one-third thicker than it was before it was colored. When you consider that the average human head has about 100,000 strands of hair, coloring your hair creates the illusion that over 30,000 strands have been added to it. 

If you still don't think it is time to color yet, then consider asking your stylist for a hair gloss treatment that not only adds great shine to your hair that lasts for several months, but also plumps up each strand of hair, although not quite as dramatically as color does. 

If your hair is becoming thinner as you are getting older, then first realize that it is a natural part of aging and you shouldn't panic unless it is a sudden and dramatic thinning that could signal a health problem. Then, follow these tips to help it look fuller again and begin loving your strands again! Contact a salon, like Salon Marquee, for more help.