Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Hair Dryer To Dry The Hair

If you enjoy having your hair professional blow dried at your local hair salon, then you should know that you can dry your hair in a similar fashion at home. However, some people make mistakes when they blow dry their hair, and this can make your style look unkempt. Keep reading about a few common drying mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Mistake - Starting When The Hair Is Wet

The whole point to blow drying your hair is to dry it. However, you actually should wait to use your blow dryer until your hair is mostly dry. Specifically, you want your hair to be at least 50% to about 70% dry beforehand. If your hair is too wet, then you will need to use the hair dryer for an extended period of time. This forces a great deal of heat against the head. This heat can cause damage, and it is best to avoid this damage as much as possible. Otherwise, you will end up with split ends and broken hair. 

You should start drying your locks by using your towel. Towel dry until most of the moisture is removed and then start using your hair dryer on medium heat. Also, look into a dryer with a cold air feature. Cold air does not cause damage and you can use the cool air intermittently while dryer your locks.

If heat damage is a big concern of yours, then you can also use a protectant spray before you start using your blow dryer. These products help to lock in some of the moisture in your hair so it is not completely lost when you dry it. 

Mistake - You Skip The Attachments

Most hair dryers come with attachments that help you to get the look that you desire. The attachments likely include a nozzle and a volumizer. Both of these accessories can and should be used. The nozzle attachment is best to produce a smooth look while the volumizer adds lift to the hair. 

Make sure to pair your attachment with the right brush. A bristle brush is ideal for smooth hair while a round brush is a good choice for volume. If you do use a round brush, do not buy one with a metal core or middle section. These hold a great deal of heat, and while this can assist in drying your hair quickly, it can cause some heat damage.

If you want to know more about the best way to dry your hair, speak with an expert at a hair salon or schedule time for a hair blow drying service.