Whole-Body Cryotherapy Is An Invigorating Experience That Might Even Help With Pain

If you're trying to recover from a sports injury or if you just want to try something new so that you can feel and look better, then you may want to consider whole-body cryotherapy treatments. You can take these treatments at a spa or cryotherapy clinic without the need for a doctor's order. While cryotherapy is used for medical treatments, you can also use the therapy for possible results such as to decrease general inflammation, improve the appearance of your skin, boost your mood, and increase metabolism. This is how whole-body cryotherapy works.

You'll Protect Sensitive Skin

While you'll be wearing few clothes when you have a treatment, you'll probably have on dry socks, gloves, a cap, and underwear. This helps protect your extremities that may have less circulation and areas of your body that have sensitive skin. Cryotherapy spas differ in how they provide the treatments and what they supply, so ask if you need to bring anything with you to wear in the cryotherapy booth.

Your Head May Not Be Treated

Some cryotherapy treatments are given in a small booth enclosure that allows your head to remain out of contact with the cold vapor. Other treatments are given in large booths or rooms that multiple people can use at the same time and your head is inside the booth. Since cryotherapy may benefit your skin, you may want to add a cryotherapy facial to your therapy regimen if you take treatments in a booth that leaves your head out.

The Treatments Only Last A Few Minutes

The treatments are given with below-freezing vapor or air. As you can imagine, the treatments don't last very long. Plus, you're always free to walk out of the booth if the cold is too intense for you. You are supervised during your therapy, so the treatments are safe as long as you don't stay in the booth longer than you should.

You Should Be In Fairly Good Health

People take whole-body cryotherapy for self-treatment of various conditions such as sports injuries or pain from arthritis. The thinking is if ice benefits your condition, then whole-body cryotherapy might too. However, if you have a condition that can be adversely affected by very cold temperatures, then let the spa know before you take a treatment because you might need to pass. This includes things like high blood pressure and neuropathy.

Even if you don't have a sports injury, you may want to try whole-body cryotherapy for its invigorating effect. If the treatments make you feel good, you may want to buy a multi-day pass and start your day with cryotherapy rather than a morning at the gym.