Three Things To Know About Corner Hot Tubs

One type of hot tub that you'll often encounter when you visit a company that sells lots of these devices is a corner hot tub. As its name indicates, this is a hot tub that is somewhat triangular in shape and is designed to fit into a corner. A corner hot tub can be a good choice for lots of people, so it's a design that you should carefully evaluate when you shop. A salesperson can talk to you about a few corner models and highlight the specific features and advantages of each. In general, here are three things that you should know about corner hot tubs.

They're Ideal For Tight Spaces

The shape of a corner hot tub means that it's ideal for setting up in all sorts of tight spaces in your yard. If you have a small patio or deck, a different shape of hot tub may not be a good fit. For example, a round hot tub offers a lot of advantages, but the wasted space around it means that you may not be in favor of using it when your space is limited. With a corner model, you can place the corner of the hot tub against an exterior wall of your house, a privacy fence, or another structure, and appreciate how it's not taking up more space than necessary.

They're Generally Small

Although you can occasionally find corner hot tubs that are on the larger side, you'll commonly find that these models are small. For example, two- and three-person corner hot tubs are common, whereas other shapes of hot tubs can often accommodate considerably more people. The small size of a corner hot tub isn't a drawback. If you're shopping for a hot tub that you expect to primarily use with a partner or on your own, and don't envision soaking with a group of friends, a corner hot tub makes sense.

They Have A Wide Range Of Features

Just because a corner hot tub is often on the smaller side, you shouldn't expect that it will be devoid of many of the features that you expect from hot tubs. These models typically have all of the features that you'd want, including a variety of jets that will push streams of water against your body, built-in lights, and more. Some even have built-in waterfalls, which can help to create even more of a relaxing environment while you soak in the hot water. Learn more about corner hot tubs by contacting a local hot tub company.