Having Your Upper Lip Waxed For The First Time

If you have hair you don't like on your upper lip, then getting rid of it can feel like an ongoing battle. You have options, of course. You can shave it, use a hair removal gel, or even sugar it. What many people choose to do, however, is have their upper lip waxed professionally. It generally only costs a few dollars, and you have to visit the salon every month or maybe every 6 weeks for repeated treatments. Here are some tips to help you have a good experience and get great results when you have your upper lip waxed for the first time.

Make an appointment ahead of time.

Some salons will take walk-in clients for simple services like lip waxing. However, it is still best to book an appointment if you are able. This way, the salon professional who works on you will have set aside time specifically to focus on you. They are less likely to be rushed, and you won't have to wait in the waiting area for more than a few minutes. 

Don't shave for a week.

Not shaving your upper lip for a whole week may not sound appealing, but it really is necessary, especially the first time you go in for waxing. Not shaving for a while will allow your hair to grow out, which will allow the wax to grab onto it more effectively. In other words, you'll get better results if you grow your hair out a little bit before waxing. If you're feeling self-conscious about the hair growth during this week, using a little extra concealer on your upper lip will help camouflage it.

Take deep breaths.

Waxing doesn't feel the best. The pain isn't terrible, but it is present, and it comes in a quick burst when the wax is ripped off your upper lip. It's easy to end up clenching your lip as you anticipate this burst of pain. In doing so, though, your muscles become tense, which can keep some of the hairs from being pulled out by the wax. So, as hard as it might be to do so, you need to take deep breaths and stay relaxed while you're having your lip waxed. This will yield better results in the long term.

Having your upper lip waxed can be really rewarding, and it's not that hard! Follow the tips above, and you should have a good experience.