Balayage Or Highlights? Which Is Best For You?

It can sometimes be difficult to figure out which style you should go for when getting your hair done. For example, should you try a trendy hairstyle or something more classic? Should you grow your hair out or try a fun new cut? Would bangs look good with your forehead and face shape? And what about coloring? There are so many ways to spice up your look that it can overwhelming. In an effort to help you determine at least some small aspect of your upcoming hair makeover, here is some information about balayage hair treatment.   

A balayage hair treatment is a coloring technique that is usually compared with another coloring technique called highlights. This information will be helpful if you are someone who enjoys coloring just sections of your hair to offer some dynamics instead of dying all of your hair one color. Both balayage and highlights color sections of hair a lighter (or sometimes darker) shade to give your look dimension and dynamics. However, they do this in different ways. Each highlighting method has a different outcome, which will need to be chosen based on your personal style. 


Traditional highlighting is done by taking precise sections of hair and covering it completely (root to end) in a coloring solution that is then wrapped in aluminum foil. This process colors each strand completely and when done through all of your hair can give a very crisp lightening effect. Even though every strand is not dyed, your overall hair color will increase substantially, leaving you with a fresh, crisp look. This process will need repeated every 6-8 weeks or sooner, depending on how quickly your hair grows. 


A balayage hair service is a more natural-looking coloring process. This treatment requires no foils or sectioning of hair, which makes the whole process much faster. Instead, your stylist will paint sections of hair by hand, working to shape your face and put highlights in key locations. The color of balayage is usually a bit softer than highlights, making it a little easier to maintain. These highlights will blend into your natural hair color easily, giving off a more natural look.

In conclusion, if you are someone who enjoys a crisp color and can afford to get your hair done every few months you will probably want to get highlights. If you are someone who loves the more natural look and is okay with some growth between appointments, a balayage may be more what you are looking for. Make sure to call your salon to make an appointment before you show up since both looks require some preparation from the stylist. 

Contact a local hair salon to learn more about balayage hair services