EMS Is A Non-Surgical Body Contouring Treatment That Builds Muscle And Removes Fat

Non-surgical body contouring is a good way to get a shapelier body. Treatments can tighten skin, remove pockets of fat, and build muscles so you have enhanced curves and the body figure you've always wanted, but can't achieve with dieting and exercise.

A treatment to consider when you want to lift your buttocks and sculpt your abdomen is electromagnetic stimulation. This treatment can eliminate fat and build muscles. The treatment can even be combined with radiofrequency to tighten skin. Here's how this type of non-surgical body contouring works.

You Get Immediate And Gradual Results

You need multiple treatments to achieve your best results. You might be scheduled for weekly or bi-weekly sessions for a month or so and then switch to maintenance treatments once or twice a year depending on how long the results last.

Your doctor creates a treatment plan after your initial evaluation and tells you how many treatments you'll take and what to expect with results. You may notice results right away in addition to gradual muscle development and fat loss over time.

The Treatment Causes Rapid Muscle Contractions

Electromagnetic stimulation treatments work by causing your muscles to contract rapidly. The contractions are much faster than you could possibly do yourself with exercise. This allows the muscles to grow and change your body shape much quicker than working out.

Plus, the contractions work out the area being treated so fat is burned off as it's used as fuel for the muscles to contract. If you have an EMS treatment that is combined with radiofrequency, the RF treatments also help with fat loss and skin tightening that gets more noticeable over time.

You Don't Have To Recover Afterward

You might feel a little tired and sore after a treatment, but you won't need any downtime. You can go about your day as usual. This is one of the nice benefits of non-surgical body contouring. You don't have to take off from work or recover from painful surgery since there are no incisions or damage to your body involved.

It's Best If You're Relatively Fit And Stay That Way

Non-surgical body contouring with electromagnetic stimulation is intended for sculpting specific areas of your body. It's not for losing weight, so you need to be somewhat slim for the treatment to give the best results. If you have too much body fat, your sculpted muscles won't be able to show through.

It's also important to maintain your weight and keep up with exercise so you can maintain your new figure after you've had your treatment sessions. Otherwise, your muscles will gradually shrink unless you have maintenance treatments, and you could put fat back on if you gain weight. For more information on non-surgical body contouring, contact a professional near you.