Early Changes You're Likely To Notice From Testosterone Therapy As An AFAB Person

If you're an AFAB person who wishes to masculinize your body, then you may be considering testosterone therapy. Indeed, supplementing with the male hormone, testosterone, is a tried and true way to enhance your more masculine characteristics. Eventually, testosterone therapy may help you develop stronger facial features, broader shoulders, and less refined features overall. But what changes are you likely to notice within the first months of testosterone therapy? Take a look.

Changes in Voice

Many AFAB people who begin taking testosterone notice a change in their voice before they notice any other significant changes. Your voice will deepen a bit or become more throaty. Some people go through a stage of having a somewhat squeaky or unreliable voice, just as one would during male puberty. This stage won't last very long; eventually, your voice will deepen and become more consistent. Since a change in voice is an outward change that others can notice, it is a change that many people choose to celebrate as a part of their testosterone journey.

Changes in Skin

It's well known that testosterone can make the skin oily and more prone to acne. This does happen to some AFAB people who take testosterone. However, if you're on a smaller dose, you should not notice excessive oiliness as much as you notice that your skin feels thicker and more rugged. Your pores may start to look larger, and the skin on your face, arms, and legs may simply feel more robust.

Loss of Period

If you have been menstruating, you can expect this to stop once you begin taking testosterone. This change usually happens within the first few months. Some AFAB people simply stop menstruating completely in the span of one month. Others find that their period becomes lighter and lighter over a period of several months before disappearing completely.

Hair Growth

This is another milestone change that people often celebrate. Hair starts growing more prominently on the chin and above the lip. You may also notice that your legs, back, and torso become more hairy. The hair you already have may seem thicker, and you can also expect to grow new hair.

Beginning testosterone therapy as an AFAB individual can be life-changing. You can expect the changes above within a few months, and sometimes even sooner. Stick with it, and you'll also notice more marked changes such as increased muscle growth and redistribution of body fat.

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