Twitchy Eyelids? Consider Botox

Do you often feel like your eyelids are twitching involuntarily? This can make you feel self-conscious as you worry about others looking at your twitching eyelids. The twitching can also make it difficult or impossible to apply and wear eye makeup. Generally, this condition, which is known as blepharospasm, is harmless, but that doesn't mean you just have to ignore it. Many patients actually benefit from having Botox injections to reduce or prevent the spasms.

Top Benefits Of Getting Your Eyelash Extensions Done At A Salon

You might have seen false eyelashes that you can apply yourself at your favorite beauty store or even at the local drugstore. While you may have been interested in purchasing and trying them on your own, consider going to a salon for your eyelash extensions instead. Whether you feel that your eyelashes are too short or too thin or are interested in a more dramatic effect, these are a few reasons why salon lashes can be a better option than doing your own extensions.